Care and conservation of the sand cascades will be integrated into Management Plan

Care and conservation of the sand cascades will be integrated into Management Plan

The Institute of Engineering of the UNAM, Coastkeeper and Andromeda Divers y Mas carried out studies

Senator Silvia Garza Galvan of the PAN party proposes considering results

“The Sand Cascades in Baja California Sur, a natural wonder” (Brewery Slogan in the 70’s of S.XX)


Since 1973, when the Bay of Cabo San Lucas was decreed as a Submarine Refuge for Flora and Fauna, and then re-categorized in 2000 as a Protected Area for Flora and Fauna, the polygon of the area has not had a real and adequate management plan for the current circumstances, given the dynamic nautical activity that is seen day by day. The corresponding document indicating the regulation of the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA) has not been updated. The Civil Association Coastkeeper Los Cabos, along with Andromedas Divers y Mas that Miguel Alighieri founded three decades ago, together with the technical and engineering assistance of the Engineering Institute of the UNAM, represented by Rodolfo Casarin Silva, intend to provide and integrate a conservation plan for the sand cascades.

It has been assumed that Cabo San Lucas was made known worldwide by the Rock Arch which was used as part of a promotional beer advertisement that made use of various natural attractions in Mexico, as well as archeological centers and other attractions. In the commercial, they refer to Los Cabos, and in particular to the Sand Cascades, and this natural formation is seen in the commercial around the world along with the amber drink. They were also made famous at the time by the researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The studies referred to in the first paragraph were carried out through various tests and sampling projects, considering the natural movements of sand, and analysis that according to the results of the researcher Silva Casarin, showed the sands constantly descend through the canyon in the SSE zone of the bay, where the Rock Arch and the Watchman’s Hill are located. Because of the fact that in some seasons you cannot always see the sand cascades as Miguel Alighieri declared, samples of sand were taken at various depths and they found it corresponds to the sands that form the dunes on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Due to natural currents, these sands have constant movement. When there are weather events such as cyclones and/or hurricanes, sometimes the currents carry the sand away. After Hurricane Odile the depth of the water below the arch reached up to five meters, when usually it does not exceed a meter and a half and there are even cycles when you can walk on the beach that these movements cause.

Given this fact, and given the accelerated growth of infrastructure, there have been projects completed in which there existed, “legal” or illegal alteration to the dunes which are protected by the LGEEPA, when it declares them to be living sands. The natural movement of sands will have a medium or long term effect on the “flow” of the sand cascades. This is the reason why it is proposed to establish legal measures to control the carrying capacity and environmental effects of the 5 or 7 developments that are proposed as projects to be built on the coast along a length of approximately 15 km of coast, mostly beaches with dunes.

The point of agreement was published in the Senate Gazette by the PAN Senator on February 2nd, 2017 under file number LXIII / 2SPO-73/68766 and is part of the document Studies of Monitoring, Conservation and Management of Natural Resources of the Submarine Sand Cascades of Cabo San Lucas (Estudios de Monitoreo, Conservación y Manejo de los Recursos Naturales de las Cascadas de Arena Submarinas de Cabo San Lucas).

“Keep your hands open, and all the desert sands will be able to pass through them. Keep them closed and all you can feel is a little sand.” (Taisen Deshimaru)

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