Chefs For Los Cabos 2017

Chefs For Los Cabos 2017

They raised more than $170,000.00 pesos for the installation of a community kitchen for children in need in the Vista Azul subdivision of Cabo San Lucas

Indalecio Velazquez

For the fifth time, what was originally known as the culinary event “Chefs to the Rescue” took place, and this year the name was changed to “Chefs For Los Cabos”. The purpose of these events has always been to raise funds to help different non-profit groups in Los Cabos.

On this occasion the group benefited was “Por los niños de la sierra A.C.” (“For the Children of the Sierra A.C.”), a newly created group that aims to provide breakfast to children of limited resources, in addition to teaching them how to create family gardens and to take care of the environment.

It is worth mentioning the origin of this event and the group which was started in the state of Chihuahua 7 years ago. On this occasion the event was held in Cabo San Lucas in the Vista Azul subdivisión. 18 Chefs participated, working in pairs serving the public at 9 different stations. Something important to emphasize is that the dishes are unique creations of the day, and are not repeated, which makes it a special attraction for food lovers. Just to mention the drinks offered included water, craft and commercial beers and wines of different brands.

At this fifth edition of the event 300 tickets were sold which represented an income of $158,000.00 pesos and extra income was obtained in the amount of $16,400.00 pesos from raffles and the sale of extra tickets for extra consumption of food and drink. The total donation was $174,400.00. In this regard Edgar Roman, Coordinator of the Chefs, said he was satisfied with the results and grateful for the work of his colleagues, and above all with the attendees who always support this cause, buying their tickets. Thanks also go especially to the sponsors who generously contributed to the success of the event.

Luis Anaya, President of the Cabo San Lucas del Mar Rotary Club, said, “As a Rotary Club, we are proud to participate in these kinds of events that directly benefit the most unprotected part of our community in our society, and especially the children who are the present of our country.”

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