El Cerrito del Timbre in the center of nothing

El Cerrito del Timbre in the center of nothing

The Botanical Garden, desert path and cultural activities await development. Noches de plenilunio (Full-moon nights) program continues; plans come and go, priorities change, although Yenecamu A.C. stays focused on the program.

“Most of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” (Martha Washington)


Just over four years have passed since they announced the creation of a botanical park, with a desert trail marked to educate visitors about the endemic flora and fauna. The aim was to strengthen and promote the cultural activities that have been carried out in the town square where the flagpole was installed for celebrations during the administration of the XI Municipal Council. An investment of 12,700,000 pesos was made, but it did not move forward after the first stone was laid for the project. The current administration has not dared to comment on it. This situation, affecting the heart of the “Old Downtown” of Cabo San Lucas, causes more pity than interest in visiting it.

In February 2015, in a formal presentation for the Mayor at that time, Nestor “Tito” Herrera, gave the history and origin of the name given to the location, “Cerrito del Timbre”. It was named after a donkey that had that name and that later died there. Geographically, it is an emblematic place because the main communications offices for Cabo San Lucas, the post office and telegraph offices, as well as the first library and later the Cultural Center, were located there.

Despite its history, the view to passers-by today is deplorable. Groups are still interested in the site, including: Yenecamu A.C., and the Directorate of Environmental Culture directed by Alicia Osuna, supported by Marco Antonio Giron, in charge of the Cerrito del Timbre and Environmental Education in CSL. With the total support of the Municipal Director of Ecology, Luis de Loza, in coordination with the Yenecamu Civil Association, they have taken on the task of reviving the project and even, as far as possible, relocating municipal government offices that are not functional there, given the nature of their functions, such as the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone Office.

The project presented by the environmental education officials will be developed in three stages that will be announced later. It is being processed as the Deputy for the XVI district, Eda Palacios, promised the association. The support and pertinent effort will be made so that the Cerrito del Timbre is used for only one purpose – environmental culture and artistic expression. They are repairing the access and entrance to the four buildings: Lazaro Cardenas through an Art Gallery; Matamoros, with government offices for the department of Ecology and ZOFEMAT; Niños Heroes basketball court through the “parking lot” and on the corner of Melchor Ocampo and Niños Heroes. At this time they are all out of service to visitors.

In addition, and as complementary information on the activities of the municipal department of environmental education, a park is being developed which will feature the desert that characterizes Los Cabos and the main economic activity that gave rise to Los Cabos as one of the greatest international tourist destinations – the Marlin Capital of the World. This project is now, at the close of this Edition, more than 50% completed, and as the Municipal Director of Ecology, Luis de Loza, emphasized, it does not interfere with the project of the Cerrito del Timbre in terms of economic or human resources. He also let me know that it will be necessary to complete the administrative process in time, to relocate the ZOFEMAT offices and leave the Cerrito del Timbre for the exclusive use of education, art and culture in general.

“In twenty years you will be more disappointed about the things you did not do than about the things you did.” (Mark Twain)

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