“Everyone brings their own Magic’”

“Everyone brings their own Magic’”

An event that combines art in various expressions with the support of autism charity, Red Autismo A.C.

“Every artistic expression is either influenced by or adds something to politics.” (Dario Fo)


Prior to giving you information about what this great event entails, where diverse artistic expressions such as dance, theater, circus art, drama and music converge, we understand that not all readers are aware of what the autism charity, Red Autism A.C., has achieved during the last 9 years since its conception. The Red has been a more than necessary organization in a society lacking in information and with immediate needs to attend to for this health problem that continues to grow, without a clear explanation of the causes.

The project began in 2008, from the concern of two mothers and their tenacity and motherly love which led them to create the Civil Association that year, and in 2010 they opened the first center for attention. For more information on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), visit www.redautismo.org. This magic show, which did not have patients with autistic spectrum problems on stage, is a show which includes enjoyment of a story, a script developed for them and for the public. It seeks to make people aware that those with autistic spectrum disorder are not different, they are special, yes, and very intelligent and perceptive.

Participating in this presentation were: Euridice Dance Center, Antonio Vargas, Adrian Murillo, Fabuladanza and La Circo, all known among the artistic community. They have participated in a number of events to raise funds for social causes. It was also supported by the Municipal Institute for Culture and Arts, as already is the custom, directed by Alan Castro. Additionally, it was a way to pay a well-deserved tribute to Lemona Aretos Argumosa, President and founder of the association, which today has around 11 members working and constantly undergoing training.

The play presented, “Each one brings his own ‘Magic'”, as already mentioned, brings together dance, circus and theater to tell a fantastic story. It is the dream of a performing artist in pursuit of her own magic, her own style and her own authentic form of expression. This in a way reflects the success of the organization Red Autism and the hard work, clearly full of satisfaction, that they carry out day by day in Los Cabos.

The artistic aspect of it included the honorary participation of Euridice Dance center and its choreographers Euridice Aretos, Adrian Murillo and Fabula Danza (Fabila Garcia Angeles), La Circo, with their circus and acrobatic arts and, for the dramaturgy, the direction and script was by Antonio Vargas with more than forty artists sharing the stage in the main theater of the Nabor Garcia Cultural Pavilion. All proceeds were deposited directly to the funding of the Civil Association.

“The art of expression did not appear to me as a rhetorical task, independent of behavior, but rather, as a way to fully display human sensitivity.” (Alfonso Reyes)

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