GRAND LUXURY AWARD 2016 given at De Cortez Restaurant on the premises of Sheraton Hacienda del Mar

The International Hospitality Association awarded four “Grand Luxury Award 2016″ prizes to four restaurants in the municipality of Los Cabos.

Edith’s, De Cortez, Pitahayas, and Don Sanchez establishments are the winners. Mr. Ulrich Schwartz, President of “The International Hospitality Association” delivers the awards on-site at De Cortez Restaurant.

In his speech Mr. Schwartz began by thanking Mr. Renato Mendonca General Director of Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Hotel, and their Executive Chef, Manuel de Luca for the hospitality. Then he explained that the International Hospitality Association is an organization dedicated since many years ago to the dissemination of the hospitality industry at its highest level, and to gastronomic and tourism excellence.

He said the Grand Luxury Award is a prestigious distinction to the highest level achieved in the restaurant industry. Each award-winning restaurant is distinguished by its quality, creativity, marketing, corporate image and high level of international cuisine.

Then he gave the names of the establishments recognized and their characteristics:
Edith’s restaurant, with a Mexican regional concept, unique in having a fusion of cuisines from Baja California Sur and Guerrero. It also has a privileged view of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. Upon receiving the award, Mr. Rodolfo Rosas, Manager, thanked them for the recognition and said he was even more committed to deliver the quality and service that has distinguished them.

De Cortez Restaurant,  distinguished by its elegance, with an extraordinary view of the Sea of Cortez, is known for its warmth and fine service. Manuel De Luca, Hotel Executive Chef, said in thanking them for the recognition that it would not have been possible without the help and collaboration of Chef Gonzalo del Pino and Manager Jorge Carmona who lead the restaurant team.

Pitahayas Restaurant: the cooking style of Chef Volker Romeike has been fundamental to classifying this place as one of the most visited in Los Cabos with its different spaces, it offers an unforgettable experience. Jose Rojas, Manager and Volker Romeike accepted the award, and Mr. Rojas commented that it is a satisfaction to receive this award which is thanks to the teamwork at Pitahayas and the culinary creations of Chef Romeike.

Restaurant Don Sanchez, with its location in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, is distinguished by its contemporary atmosphere and its style of modern Mexican cuisine. Tadd Capman, the restaurant’s owner, said he was proud to get the award because that means they are having success with their cuisine.

In conclusion, Mr. Ulrich thanked the media for being present at the event.

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