Grupo Madrugadores Delivers the 2017 Pioneer of the Year Award to Clicerio Mercado

Grupo Madrugadores Delivers the 2017 Pioneer of the Year Award to Clicerio Mercado

Indalecio Velazquez

On March 22nd, the Madrugadores Group of Los Cabos, held its ceremony for the Board of Directors change. At the ceremony they presented the 2017 Pioneer of the Year Award to Clicerio Mercado Hernandez.

The new Board of Directors is made up of: Francisco Vilchis del Olmo, Coordinator; Jesus Manuel Corral Gonzalez, Vice-Coordinator;
Jose Ruben Arechiga de la Peña, Secretary; and Gabriel Ignacio Corral Gonzalez, Treasurer. Then to highlight to the audience the importance of the award-winner selected, the winning characteristics that the person must have as a Pioneer of the Year were mentioned.

A pioneer is an outstanding person in the community, inspired by the highest ideals and the highest concepts. With admirable imagination and confidence in the future, this has produced in the fiery forge of creative work day by day something that did not exist before. A pioneer is a fighter, a visionary of brilliant intelligence, a dynamo of surprising talent and fierce determination who with scarce means at his disposal, and despite difficulties, has drawn up plans and designed projects, and carried them out with unshakable faith and perseverance.

A pioneer is someone who has shaped new products and given a new twist to services and pathways, thus contributing to the development and improvement of the community. A pioneer is a creator, an inventor, a generator of ideas and actions, someone who has built a better world for everyone in the community. A pioneer is that extraordinary archetype whose personality and qualities serve as an example to his compatriots, and as a source of inspiration for future generations.

Clicerio Mercado Hernandez has been prominent in promoting and handling the organization of sport fishing tournaments at the local, state and regional level since 1992. He has also participated actively with the Institute for Adult Education at the state level. This activity has allowed him to lead causes which have had a strong impact in the community through his membership in two different Rotary Clubs in Cabo San Lucas.

Initially he managed to rescue an abandoned building to convert it into a Casa-hogar centre for homeless children and those in need. In 2005, the project received the help of an American couple that donated $500,000 dollars for that purpose, and former Governor, Narciso Agundez M. invested $1,000,000 pesos to build a much-needed fence. The site continues to operate and receives children from all over the state.

With Los Cabos Rotary Club, he has been involved in a campaign for cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries that are performed by a group of mostly American doctors from the International Smiles Foundation and who come in April and October for a week to care for children or adults suffering from the mentioned deformities.

Not everything has been roses in the life of Mr. Mercado. A few years ago he lost one of his twin sons in a car accident, and in recent years his wife Maria de la Luz, passed away. He is currently married to Carmen Ramirez and has two daughters: Monica and Eugenia and a son, Norberto, from his first marriage.

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