Magnetic Pole and Ice Cap move in Tandem

Magnetic Pole and Ice Cap move in Tandem

Tarek S. Niazi (planet-earth-2017) (extract)

Earthquakes above 6.99 on the Richter scale have increased 14 fold over the past 150 years. The number of quakes above 6 Richer has increased close to double since the year 1994. Scientists can’t tell why there is such an alarming increase in the number and energy of recent quakes. Looking at the past 7,000 years, scientists traced the wandering of the magnetic pole around the geographic North Pole. Currently, the magnetic pole is moving away from Canada towards Siberia at 4 times the speed, than it did over the last century. The Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by more than 15% between the years 1850 and 2012 in the western hemisphere. Scientists can’t tell for sure why there is such a weakening of the magnetic field and what makes its poles to wander continuously. The ice cap is melting from the Canadian side where the magnetic pole is moving away from and is building on the Siberian side where the magnetic pole is moving towards.

Thermal Energy
Most Scientists believe that the Global Warming is behind the melting of the Ice Cap and that increased Carbon Emission is behind the Global Warming. If that is the case, then, why some regions are getting warmer winters such as North America, while other regions are getting colder winters such as Europe, Siberia and the Middle East? Or, why the is ice cap hitting record high in the east part of Antarctica? The Earth spins at a 23.5 degrees angle about the axis that is perpendicular to its orbit around the Sun. Due to this tilt; the Equator is not the nearest surface to the Sun except twice a year. Why then, is the temperature at sea level along the Equator, the hottest on Earth? The Sun emits radiation, such as X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infra red, and radio waves. The Sun also emits charged particles, such as electrons and protons. Scientists confirm that electrons get trapped in the outer magnetic field and that protons get trapped in the inner magnetic field that circumvent the planet, in the Thermosphere layer some 100 to 800 km (62 to 500 miles) above the surface of the Earth. What makes such a region of the atmosphere churning hot? It reaches 2,000 degrees Celsius in the Thermosphere layer above the magnetic equator and 500 Celsius above the magnetic poles.

Here is a quiz: Which feels hotter; 2,000 degrees Celsius at 100 km above our heads, or 6,000 degrees Kelvin at the surface of the Sun some 150 million km far? The answer is not straight forward as intensity of radiation is very much defined by Boltzmann’s black body equation as we shall examine further on Earth Temperature and find out that the thermal radiation reaching the surface of Earth is 1.8 fold stronger from the Thermosphere layer than from the Sun directly. Could there be a direct relation between the temperature map on the surface of the Earth and the temperature map in the Thermosphere layer? Global Warming would then be related to increased temperature levels at the Thermosphere layer, wouldn’t it? But, how is that possible? And could Global Warming be attributed to the collapse of the magnetic field force over some parts of the planet? Could Climate Change be linked to the movement of the magnetic poles? Manuscripts from ancient texts described, in detail, a bitter cold wave that took place between the years 900-950 AD in Arabia. At which time the magnetic pole was situated in Siberia. The same Temperature Belt that covers Europe today, used to cover the Arabian region then.

Global Warming and Climate Exchange are not anthropogenic. There is a cycle of change. Ancient texts and geology records speak of it as you will read over the few pages of this site. The challenge would be to design and affect the right strategies to transform basic industries such as Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure, and so on to a new paradigm, of life on Earth that is approaching soon.

This site answers all above and explains to the reader, the Earth Changes that are taking place; the cause, the reasons and the consequences. After having gone through the pages of this site, I recommend you watch this summary video that was delivered at TEDx Abu Dhabi on May 26, 2012.
Tarek Niazi is a former IBM director and author of the book:

More Than 60 Minutes

When The Earth Stands Still

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