3rd Edition Rural Interaction Project

3rd Edition Rural Interaction Project

Trans-disciplinary artistic production in Baja California Sur; Artists stay in rural guest residences. Project will accept 14 artists; 7 women and 7 men

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein


The third edition of the Rural Interaction Project was launched with a press conference held at the Palmilla Shops. The presentation, as well as the talk on the background and origin of the project dating back to 2009, were given by Santiago Martinez Bringas, Project Manager.

Following the tourism crisis caused by the H1N1 influenza, and the subsequent fall in the real estate industry in both the United States and Mexico, with a very marked effect in Los Cabos, circumstances led Santiago to live and work in Rancho El Refugio, in the rural community of San Dionisio, Delegation of Santiago, Municipality of Los Cabos, at the foot of the Sierra la Laguna Mountains.

Once he learned about ranch life and its environment, and having received the acquisition art award at the Bienal Sudcaliforniana de Artes Visuales for his sculpture inspired by his learning about life in the ranchlands, Santiago Martinez’ mission began in two senses. First, to help preserve the rural community and its customs through cultural tourism directed to artists like himself, and second, to foster creativity through coexistence with nature in the region and the rustic life of the ranchers of Baja California Sur.

The project in its first edition received a grant from the Support Program for Municipal and Community Cultures (PACMyC). The second edition was awarded a grant from the Program for the Promotion of Cultural Projects and Co-investments, of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA). The methodology begins with the launch of a call directed to artists of any discipline, invited to a guest house for four days and three nights in one of the four participating ranches. Rancho Los Naranjos in collaboration with the International Dzogchen Community of Tsegyalgar West A.C.; Rancho el Parralito, sponsored by Wendy Rudell in the community of El Sauzal in the months of May to June. For the edition that begins during the months of June and July, guest residences will be at Rancho San Francisco sponsored by Fundacion Guayagui A.C., and also at Sierra la Trinidad. The dates will be confirmed once the 14 participants are registered and the call closes on June 30th.

The project offers an experience with first-hand information and in direct coexistence with nature and the modus vivendi of the ranch; with the ecology and social culture of the rural communities of Baja California Sur, within or near the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The objective of the project is to protect in a sustainable way by promoting its culture through rural interaction.

The selected participants must donate at least two pieces of art, in the discipline developed for the project. They will become part of a collection for an itinerant exhibition, and later for a final presentation to conduct a fundraising auction, which will be used to fund the ongoing project, the publication-catalog: Collection (bilingual), containing all donated works.

Artists confirmed by invitation. Five internationally acclaimed Performance Artists: Residing in San Francisco, CA, USA, Violeta Luna, Mexico City, Hortensia Ramirez and Katia Tirado, born in Guadalajara with residences in Mexico City; Sara Raca who combines the “Spoken Word” and poetry texts, Dawn X. “Specter aka” by Alba Monroy, the typewriter poet who is often found at the Flora Farms, a restaurant that serves “from the orchard to your table”. In addition, from Durango, the impressive voice of singer-songwriter Reyna Valenzuela, and the creative team of photography and video Gabriel Torrecillas and Erick Sandoval.

The Call is now open, space available they reiterate, for 14 participants (7 women, 7 men). For more information, log on to http://www.ruralinteraction.com/convocatoria

To send the application for the guest residence, please fill out the registration form included with the call that you can find on the website mentioned above. Last day for applications: June 29, 2017 at midnight. For additional information, call or send a text to: 624 175 7530, in English: 624 154 3576 or 624 110 7389.

After thanking the press for attending, he announced the sponsors that support this project in its third edition. This is something innovative in terms of the direct coexistence of the artist with the environment and rural life. Already it is a success and a constant feature that will tend to grow. He thanked Lourdes Anguiano of the Foundation for Children with Disabilities for her presence and support, Counselor of the Municipal Institute of Women, member of the Sudcalifornian Writers Association Los Cabos chapter. He highlighted the support of Giorgio Minuzzo from Rancho de Los Naranjos of the International Dogzchen TW Community AC, Javier Lieras, Rancho San Francisco – Fundacion Guayagui AC-, Patty Soto The Shoppes at Palmilla – Plaza El Faro, participant Dawn X. Specter, Aka Alba Monroy, poet and writer, and in charge of the project, Santiago Martinez Bringas.

“If there were only one truth, it would not be possible to paint hundreds of pictures of the same subject.” (Pablo Picasso)

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