Secrets and Marriott Hotels enter the program Network for Sea Turtle Protection

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- The Municipal Committee for Protection of Sea Turtles approved the registration of Marriott and Secrets hotels located in Puerto Los Cabos to the program for care and protection of various marine species. The hotels met all conditions for the activities. They reported on this during the last follow-up meeting.

At the same meeting the results of turtle releases were given for the previous year: over 400,000 young were protected, which was encouraging for members of the Municipal Committee. The Director of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Graciela Tiburcio Pintos, thanked all members of the network for their hard work to protect such small and defenseless creatures who are born on the beaches of Los Cabos.

The Network for the Protection of Marine Turtles consists of 42 hotels, condominiums, the dolphin center and civil associations who are trained permanently to acquire the skills that allow them to have an impact for the benefit of the conservation of marine species.

Another point from the meeting was the agreement that Chairman, Celestino Atienzo Beltran, Director of Ecology and Environment, Luis de Loza and Enriqueta Salcido, representing Profepa, will be included in the logistics, so that in August this year the season will begin for releasing hatchlings throughout the municipality.

Tiburcio Pintos concluded, “This instruction was given by the Mayor, Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, to continue working in coordination with government, private institutions and the general public in order to continue training the members of the Network, and to continue doing the work of conservation of sea turtles with the knowledge and techniques necessary.”

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