The human collapse

The human collapse

By: Aldo Fulcanelli
(first of three parts)

The recent succession of natural disasters, including hurricanes, storms and earthquakes, coupled with the endless terrorist attacks in different capitals of the world, as well as the strengthening of warmongering rhetoric from the headquarters of the imperial powers, has plunged public opinion into an impasse of powerful hysterical ingredients. Almost everyone talks about the apocalypse or Armageddon. Talking about the end of the world from the disinformation has become one of the favorite topics of the community in social networks. Those who encourage such opinions share chains with threatening messages, supposed biblical quotations, apparent encrypted messages, and an endless barrage of conspiracy theories. Meanwhile on the other hand, our country’s systemic violence is praised as a trophy in videos where public lynchings are shared, decapitations on the part of narco groups, racist attacks, or live car crashes with fatalities, which further contributes to the collapse of a society that has succumbed to informational chaos.

The same overexposure of violence without a justified cause contributes to further polarize the moods, and seems to detonate our primary lineage denied once and a thousand times from the egocentric narrative of anthropocentrism. But the prevailing reality does not lie; the brutality protected by fundamentalism is gaining more and more adherents. It is an aggressive fanaticism, adapted to the atavistic and idiosyncratic conditions of our country; a new language of violence strengthened by a reality that cannot be denied, but also overexploited by the big television consortiums through aberrant series where the narco culture rises, showing its protagonists as imposing men, and sometimes even “as victims of the circumstances, that due to their unfortunate fate, had no choice but to defend themselves with weapons.”

The culture of violence in the “Mexico region” is strengthened by intolerance and disinformation, and also ignorance. It is not by the ignorance of not knowing, but the one that is worse: that of refusing to learn-ignorance that ignores the knowledge of itself, as the essential axis of life in society.

It is not enough to argue that natural catastrophes have always existed as well as warlike conflicts. There have always been wars, whether for religious, territorial or geopolitical reasons: from Imperial Greece to Medieval Europe, the conquest of America and adherent evangelization, World War II with the underpinning of the then emergent Industrial Military Complex, as well as the founding of financial organizations that later backed dictatorships in Latin America. The resurgence of natural phenomena of seemingly unusual strength, which hit implacably against buildings and communities, are the response of powerful natural elements against our human civilization that conceives development as a continuous aggression against the environment. Deforestation or devastation of natural sanctuaries protected by native peoples, indiscriminate hunting of protected species, contamination of the seas with oils and garbage, nuclear testing, smokestacks of industries that attack the air with their powerful toxic chimneys, visual pollution, and sensorial pollution founded by the culture of belligerent consumerism. In large cities there is no place for peace or spiritual contentment, and the response of our environment is illuminating to the defiant language of inconsistent development. The reprimand by nature is not supernatural. As hysteria flourishes on social networks, very few people dare to look at the real catastrophe-not the one caused by tsunamis or tidal waves, nor the (absurd) image of the “Riders of the Apocalypse” descending among blood-stained clouds as a consequence of the “wrath of God”-I mean human tragedy. It is the lack of understanding, the cruelty and barbarism that arise from the lack of compassion among people.

The victory of modernity or development without limits is like that image of a greedy king building a Babel that rises above seas of blood, degradation and slavery. Skyscrapers that defy the air, whose root is the oppression of man by man, nuclear weapons capable of sowing desolation along their path. Also the sick competitiveness that turns the human being into an entity unable to bow to the pain of others or his own, they are embarrassed to assume the natural pain that exists in processes such as childbirth, death, or aging, a society unable to pronounce the phrase, “Today I do not feel well”, while remaining the target of devouring consumerism that transforms the absence of affectivity into material satisfactors of ephemeral power. In the same way, there is the substitution of invaluable human communication for the virtual-whole families chatting face to face through emoticons, without words-an active sensorial disconnection that results in a generation of “hybrid” families, composed of people that do not embrace, or feel touched by words, nor look at each other with eyes of affection in interdependence, families that reject each other “per se”, integrated by individuals who have given up the capacity to learn by experience, trial and error, and whose maximum achievement is to stammer with pride “what others told them”, as they state it as fact in advance and without proof.

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