The kind of courage that gives you Courage

Campaign begins with the slogan “The kind of courage that gives you Courage!”

Avoiding all political activism, this organization promotes good values. Conferences, training, workshops, talks, community activities in different subdivisions and hug-therapy.

“The world rotates silently around the inventors of new values, not around the inventors of new fads.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Beginning in May with the organizational and structural work, business professionals and entrepreneurs of Cabo San Lucas launch their campaign aimed at promoting, sharing and applying the civil and human values that, on occasion are well-known, but not practiced given the current busy lifestyle of today. According to a press conference, clinical psychologist Juan Pablo Tellez, Engineer Omar Manzano, Mariana Mendoza, Professor Eduardo Gonzalez and Psychologist Ana Aviles presented their reason and grounds for launching their action plan that invites the entire community to participate.

The campaign called “All Together for the Rescue of Values,” already has a process underway. The conference held on May 2nd after the press conference announced the date set for its first public activity, the conference called “To the lemon”, as well as the Hero of the Month contest. Performances with theatrical and poetic presentations will help convey and promote human values. Everyone is working with their area of expertise: education, health, childcare and business relationships, and meetings with neighborhood association leaders have also already gotten underway.

To start off, they reported that the campaign work has already begun with “hug-therapy” activity in public areas such as the marina, public squares, bus terminal and airports. They have also begun to work in schools of all levels to promote values and other related activities, including talks and training, and they have established dialogue with business chambers, and entrepreneurs in general. The objective is to obtain sponsorships, and prevent commitments with interests different from those of the campaign. In that sense, they emphasized that while pre-campaigns and campaigns are already visible, this initiative is 100% social, non-political and no institution or candidate will be allowed to join the campaigns. For these reasons, only aid from the community will be accepted.

Moral values are right actions or behaviors. Those things that allow us to differentiate the good from the evil, what is owed and what is not, the just from the unjust. These values include: responsibility, respect, boldness, joy, calmness, commitment, compassion, consistency, honest competition, courtesy, creativity, trust, discipline, justice, faith, kindness, loyalty, success, support, and gratitude, among many others.

In this case, I suggest reading Alfonso Reyes’ La cartilla Moral (The Moral Code) signed in 1944, whose initial purpose was to support the literary fervor of the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. Directed to readers who had just received the gift of literacy, it is a layman’s guide. Respectful of private beliefs, it includes notions of anthropology, politics, sociology and civism under the liberal spirit of urbanity that seeks the best harmony among citizens of a particular society. It is available on the web in pdf format:

“My respect for society, and for each of its members coupled with that of others, which is what makes possible the coexistence of human beings.” (Alfonso Reyes)

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