The march because peace is not leaving us nor does it wither

The march because peace is not leaving us nor does it witherThe march because peace is not leaving us nor does it wither

A society organized to protest the damages…less than two years since the shootings…

What do we want? It’s simple: We want peace for Los Cabos. Yes! Yes! Peace for Los Cabos! Protests from the community

“I do not have enough faith in human nature to be an anarchist.” (John Dos Passos)


The growing concern of the local community, not only in the two main cities of the municipality, but also in all its geographical areas involving the whole state, was manifested on Saturday, October 21st, in San Jose del Cabo. Another smaller group gathered in the capital city of La Paz, and the community showed up without political party colors, nor uniforms of corporative, or union groups, and even without scabs who are always present in similar manifestations. A protest march took place which was a truly civilized event, as should take place.

The call was made through social networks by a citizen, a resident, mother, wife, daughter, niece, cousin, and friend of residents of this municipality. At the outset it needs to be clarified that the convocation was tagged as manipulation, linked to groups with partisan and/or sociopolitical interests, given the proximity of the elections and the dirty war in the media and social networks that is unleashed in each pre-electoral period. But the only goal of this event as seen in the faces, the gestures, and the behavior of each and every one of the participants was clearly demonstrated. From beginning to end and even for days after and in the future there will be murmuring, grudges, verbal attacks and criticism. The result does not go beyond those who were present as the photos show, although the human warmth and affection does not show up in a photo despite the high definition settings of the camera.

On Monday, (strangely enough, or perhaps not so much), not a single comment appeared in any of the mass media technologies of Los Cabos. Not one statement, comment, or allusion to the protest march was made by any authority, chamber of commerce, corporate association, or union.Civil associations participated in the event, and although each one has its defined causes and objectives, the common desire is for a city that lives in peace, and healthy coexistence. The goal and message were achieved, by those who receive it and digest it…well that’s another story. The community members that participated, including those who could not be present, due to work, family, distance or other causes, will be awaiting a prompt response to such a strong and peaceful demonstration. Officials are not granting a favor, but rather fulfilling an obligation that they swear to carry out when taking office as officials. And as the writer, I implore the governor and his private secretary to take note of our part in this effort to eradicate the violence. Los Cabos has witnessed various social movements that spring from adversities resulting from the effects of progress, growth and/or greed. The war of the marlin, the cruise ship pier, the recovery of the old lighthouse, the “No” to toxic mining, and the SOS-with the disappearance of our friend David Sosa who six years ago “disappeared”, Cabo Cortes, NOM 029, are some of the common issues that have united us. Speaking of violence and the risk of losing one’s life or that of a relative, this simple but deep concern is the message that marked the march.

There were many expressions, greetings, singing for peace, and singing the national anthem which, paradoxically is warlike, but all the same showed the community unity. All this makes me, the writer, reiterate with more zeal than ever that as a simple and poor crazy citizen that I am, dangerous, irreverent, irrelevant, irremediable but irresistible and a real fugitive from injustice as represented by the authority, that I am sure not a single word was heard.

“We know that human rights are only lived in peaceful scenes and that peace is not only the absence of armed conflicts, but also a bigger and more positive concept that includes the right to be educated in and for peace.” (IF)

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