The Mesa de Paz Baja California Sur

The Mesa de Paz Baja California Sur was founded-a citizens’ group seeking to reduce violence

The event was attended by the head of the National Commission for the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, Hiram Valdez Chavez, as well as the head of the Mesa de Paz from Nuevo Leon, Gabriel Ordaz.

San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, October 2017.- Consisting of a group of artists, academics, writers and environmentalists concerned about the upsurge of the culture of violence, the Mesa de Paz Baja California Sur (Board of Peacemakers in Baja California
Sur) was constituted with the purpose of promoting the culture of peace in the entity. The members were sworn in to this citizens’ organization by Hiram Valdez Chavez, President of COMNAPAZ, the sponsoring body with international recognition which will oversee from its national venue the work carried out in favor of peace in this state.

During the ceremony that took place in the Aula Magna auditorium of the Universidad Mundial Los Cabos Campus, Valdez Chavez explained that the culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and lifestyles that peacefully promote both cultural diversity and bio diversity with the aim of achieving the survival of the planet in conditions of equity and solidarity. He congratulated the members of the newly formed Mesa de Paz, for the local initiative to subscribe to the promotion of the Culture of Peace, from the search for approval of laws, certifications, providing training courses, as well as the creation of Peace Observatories and Research Institutes, to name just a few examples.

The head of COMNAPAZ called on the citizens of Baja California Sur to adopt these measures as a way of rejecting violence in its different manifestations. From a culture based on barbarism, which promotes the absence of negotiation or competitiveness over and above interdependence, and assimilated by the social fabric, threatens balance and/or healthy coexistence every day. Valdez Chavez added that the battle of COMNAPAZ is not against any group or sector, but is for the strengthening of ties that integrate people through information, and citizen participation.

The head of COMNAPAZ introduced Aldo Fulcanelli, writer, communicator and promoter of culture, as President of the Mesa de Paz Baja California Sur, who will be in charge of building bridges with all sectors of society for the strengthening of the Culture of Peace. Aldo Fulcanelli also welcomed the members: Valentin Castro Burgoin, writer and cultural promoter, Jose Farah de Anda, Professor, Jesus Montaño Aviles, communicator and local media reporter, Cecilia Robles, activist and promoter of social development, Marco Antonio Vasconcelos, Director of Casa de la Danza (Dance Studio) and Cultural Manager, Mariana Brera and Omar Manzano, Owners of “Dibujando nuestro sueño A.C.” (Drawing our Dream organization), Alfredo Sosa, President of the Association of Visual Artists, Saul Laguna, musician, Julio Cesar Lopez Soto, plastic artist, Ricardo Zarzosa, environmentalist, Ernesto Davalos, environmentalist and photographer.

After the oath ceremony of the recently constituted Mesa de Paz Baja California Sur, its members declared that in the next few days they will be reporting on their methods for work, as well as the relationships formed with other groups, sectors and government, all for the strengthening of the Culture of Peace in the state. Finally, they thanked Dr. Judith Moreno Berry, Dean of the Universidad Mundial university, as well as Professor Uriel Santana, Director General of the Los Cabos Campus, for the use of its facilities for the celebration of this important event.

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