Tourism will continue to be the lever for economic development

Tourism will continue to be the lever for economic development in Baja California Sur: Genaro Ruiz

In a meeting with the Reflection Group, the Secretary of Tourism reported that tourism infrastructure, air connectivity, training in the quality of services and tourism promotion will be strengthened.

Genaro Ruiz, State Secretary of Tourism, attended as a special guest at the regular meeting of the Reflection Group, chaired by former Governor Guillermo Mercado Romero, and presented to its members the main projects that have been developed by the State Government,  to strengthen the state tourism sector.

The Secretary unveiled the structure and basic functions of each area that integrates the agency he is in charge of. He referred to the creation of the Sub-Secretariat of Tourism and the Directorate of Tourism Culture and Training.  He referred to the other two departments: Tourism Planning and Tourism Promotion, and also  referred to the initiative by the Governor to add the Port Authority of Baja California Sur (APIBCS) to that department, which has strengthened the development of tourism infrastructure in the destinations of the state.

Genaro Ruiz acknowledged the extensive collaboration that has been achieved with the federal government through the efforts of Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, before the Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) and its agencies, such as the National Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR) and the Tourism Board of Mexico (CPTM). This has favored the creation of tourism infrastructure and promotion of destinations in Baja California Sur.

With regard to infrastructure, Genaro Ruiz mentioned  the Center for Tourist Protection (CAPTA) which is under construction in Los Cabos. He also mentioned the recent start of refurbishment of the pier for whale watching in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos. He highlighted the recent announcement of the remodelling of the boardwalk in La Paz, and spoke about a comprehensive program of tourist signage that will be implemented throughout the state, among other works being carried out.

Genaro Ruiz explained the actions of his department in terms of training and promotion of tourist culture. He reiterated the need to strengthen training to raise standards of quality and competitiveness in services in the various fields of tourism, with the collaboration the business sector. He referred to the cooperation agreements that have been signed with the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur and the Technological University to strengthen this area.

He reported on the efforts and strategies made to strengthen air connectivity to all destinations in the state in conjunction with the Pacific Airport Group (GAP), the State Tourism Trust (FITUES), municipal trusts, hotel associations and business partners that make up the air route committees. This has resulted in significant increases in tourist arrivals by air in the three international airports in the state.

The Secretary also referred to the various promotional strategies in national and international markets and highlighted the upcoming launch of the program “Let’s all travel to Baja California Sur,” which ties in with the federal program “Let’s all travel to Mexico”, with the main objectives of promoting flows of local and national visitors to get to know and enjoy affordable destinations by promoting vacation packages to tourists.

Before concluding the meeting, Genaro Ruiz, responded to the ideas and concerns of the members of the Reflection Group, and thanked them for the invitation extended to him to show, in general terms, the efforts being made by the government of Baja California Sur, to ensure tourism continues to be the main lever for economic and social development in the State to provide a better future for all its inhabitants.

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