Wines of Baja California Sur?
By Valco

The tourist areas are great consumers of wine which makes them extremely interesting for the producers and distributors of wine. The wine consumption in these areas, added to the extraordinary quality of Mexican wine in general and particularly some wineries, has awakened a growing interest for Mexican wine by both foreign consumers and a new generation of Mexicans who have discovered the magic of the world of wine.

The regions where they produce good and well know Mexican wine are: Ensenada in Baja California, Parras, Coahuila and part of Querétaro. Even though there are other producing areas inside and outside of the wine belt, a geographical area that corresponds to the two borders between 30° and 50° latitude north and between 30° and 40° latitude south, that have started to grow vines to make wine. An interesting example, is Brazil, that is producing wine cultivated in the 10th parallel south.

However, today I want to talk about the regions in which only some visionaries or dreamers thought about growing grapes to make wine. These are regions in which probably no one before had thought about producing wine. That’s the case of Manuel Delgado, the producer of MD wines of Ensenada, B.C. Last May, he planted more than 12 varieties of grape, all apt for making wine, from table wine to different varieties like Tempranillo, grenache or Syrah, at El Pirul Ranch in San Juan de Los Planes, La Paz, Baja California Sur. It is too early to say how it would turn out now, but the vines keep growing.

Manuel’s idea is to find a variety of grape that can best adapt to the climate and the conditions of this part of the peninsula so that he can produce wines that are cultivated and made in Baja California Sur. His plan includes using the facilities on the ranch to promote a culture and an appreciation for wine among children and youths, especially the Mexicans.

At the same time, Manuel Delgado plans to promote the gastronomy and wine at his ranch in San Juan de los Planes where they also grow asparagus for exportation.

Perhaps we will soon be enjoying Mexican wine made in Baja California Sur thanks to Manuel Delgado’s dream which has become a reality ever since he planted grapes last May.

For information about the wines that Manuel Delgado produces in the Valle de la Grulla, 30 kilometers south of Ensenada, visit his web-page on the Internet at

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